Volvo is Planning to Go All-Electric by 2030


One of the well-known car makers - Volvo - has announced that by 2030, it will only sell hybrid vehicles.

The ambitions plans presume that all cars with internal combustion engines, including hybrids, will be phased out. The automaker also intends to make significant investments in online car sales.

Those plans are bidirectional. Firstly, it's attempt to profit from rising demand for electric vehicles, especially in China, which already became one of the most important market. Secondly, Volvo is also reacting to political pressure to expand their electric vehicle plans around the world. In the UK, for example, there would be no sale of new vehicles and vans fueled entirely by gasoline and diesel after 2030, so Volvo naturally has to react.

Earlier, Volvo previously stated that half of their cars will be electric by 2025, with 50% being hybrids.