Cyber Resilience is a Way to Go


Nowadays, every company is worrying about cybersecurity. However, it might be not the answer to actual challenges. As a result, a new concept was raised – cyber resilience.

Cybersecurity is all about measures to protect the organization from cyber attacks. In other words, it's about prevention and reaction to the actual threat. Cyber resilience is about anticipation of all potential cyber threats. So, this concept includes cybersecurity, as well as other strategies. As a result, the organization can be prepared to the threat, can create a required response and then quickly recover from the attack.

For example, a cyber attack can lead to data leak, which can lead to the heavy reputation damage. A subsequent financial burden might be really big for most of the companies, so cyber resilience is required.

The end circle of Cyber Resilience is following:
Identify → Protect → Detect → Respond → Recover →Anticipate → Identify → ...

There are five main steps to creation such a circle of cyber resilience:

  • investments in cybersecurity
  • preparing for the worst
  • creating the plan for recovery of clients and mitigation of financial impact